Image   Such bots can only be created by us and they are official bots. This also provides protection against cybersquatting of the names of official bots. Business accounts Business accounts are a collection of three entities: 1. Official business page 2. The official bot of the company (from a business card bot to a simple online store) 3. Integration with the company's IP PBX - the ability for an ordinary user to make direct audio / video calls to the support, technical support, etc  

LogusApp Messenger

LogusApp Messenger   In this case, you just need to execute certain json commands. Bots You can create bots in the messenger ecosystem. There are two types of bots: Standard bots Any user can create them using the API. In the search bar, such bots are no different from ordinary users. Business bots They differ in that the name of such a bot begins with the ampersand @ and when added they fall into a certain section and are not mixed in the general list with ordinary users.    


  LogusApp   Such a remote control naturally works without a distance limit; you can control a house thousands of kilometers away. It is useful when it is necessary to observe silence and at the same time laziness or inconvenient to write the text. API for Alexa We went further and implemented a simple API so that we could control all devices and Alexa in general from other devices through the included messenger - from the site, from Arduino, from another messenger.